Grade 5


What Does Home Mean To Me?

My house seems scary because sometimes when i’m home alone and im only playing video games. I hear whispers and walking. When I take a shower in the basement I always want to open the curtain when I’m alone to make sure there is no monster, demon, or nun. When I run up the stairs i always think there is monster or demon running after me when I look behind myself there is nothing there when I ask my dad what’s up in the attic there is nothing but there might be some secret theorie up there we don’t know like hidden bodys from serial killers or ghost or or something like a monsters. In February 2021 I was walking down from the 3rd floor. I saw someone wearing black no other colors, just black down to my Mom and Dad’s room. When I looked to my Mom and Dad’s room there was literally no one there. My house was made in the 1940s my dad told me and now I think my house is haunted.