Grade 6


What does home mean to me

For this writing activity I will be writing about home. For my first paragraph I will be talking about what home means to me. Home means to me that I am so proud that I have a roof when I sleep and not feel scared. It’s where I have so much memory of me being a kid. Home is where I feel protected with my family. My last and final first Paragraph is home to the best place in the world. Why is home so important to me because that’s the place I see every single day. Home is where I can eat food every time without people saying stop eating. Home is where I get to play or fight with my cousin’s. Home is where you should think that people that don’t have money and living outside and sometimes in the winter they can die if they don’t have that many clothes on. So you should think that your family did a lot of hard work and we should always stay happy in your home. And that my reasons why home is important to me. For me home equals warm, comfortable and lying down. Warm is where I can spend time with my family and have fun. And just give hugs and love to my parents. comfort is the place you live there for your whole life. Since you were a baby you get comfortable and really used to the place you stayed for so long. Some people don’t think home is that important, those people are those that never felt like some people that don’t have the money to buy a house. And the one’s don’t have money never get that feel of what home means to them and it’s really sad. Lying down means to me is I have the comfort and the best bed that I have to lay down. But I also feel so bad for the ones that sleep and lay down on the floor or even sand or the grass. For my last paragraph Home equals family, love ,support and happiness. Home is family because it’s where I spend time with my family. Family is also like home to me like home is where I lived there for my whole life. And family my parents I’ve been with them my whole life. Home is love. Home is the lovely thing in the whole world for me. Always when I come home I smell the same air smell that I love. Home is support. Home is support because it’s where I feel really safe with my family and don’t feel any harm around me. Home is happiness for me. Because it’s where I feel very happy in my house with my family. For this last part I will summarize what home means to me. Home is where I’m proud to have a roof to sleep and something to eat. I have so much memory in my house when I was a baby.