Grade 6


What Does Home Mean To Me

Home is awesome so many things are there. There is my family. my memories at my house. My warm cozy nights in my bed. I just love my home.

I have so many memories in my house like my pets I have and pets I did have. The pet I have is named Shadow he is a beta fish. I did have a pet named Emit and he was a hedgehog. Finally Goldie he was a great fish and I got him for my birthday when I was 5.

I have so many cozy nights. First is because I have a heater in my room. Another is because I have spear blankets. Finally it is because of my comforter it is so cozy and thick.

Last but not least my family my brother, my mom and my dad. My brother is very annoying but I still love him. My mom is always there for me and if i’m sad she will come to the rescue. Finally my dad he always gives me tips to do better.

I love my home. There is so much awesome stuff. One day I want to own my own home.