Grade 5


What does home mean By: Michael Rafo

What does home mean?
Home means a lot especially during COVID-19, others cannot breathe during COVID-19 at public areas because others must wear masks, home is where you can breathe. Home is a lot to homeless people. home is more than a bunch of bricks, there is much more to it. Homeless people are less fortunate because they do not have homes like us, there are 1.9k children in the world. Half of these children live in poverty and are homeless. Unlike the poor we have homes.
Here are my suggestions for homes meaning:
Home is where memories lie, I mean this because one time I threw a party at my house, that was the best moment of time when I was young because I do not know if you know me, but I love making parties. I was 6 and I would love to have blowout parties after I would finish my work. I would never forget that time when I was young because parting is a great memory.
Home is where we are safe. During COVID-19 we cannot take off our mask in public areas including school. I would say this because if we are theoretically going to take off our masks, we would get COVID-19.
Home is where we can find company. This is important because during COVID-19 we will not find anyone to keep us company. This is rear during COVID-19.
Home is where respect is shown to us. That is because we are always being cared about at home but if you go outside, I guarantee you will not find anyone who will even respect you, they will treat you as if you were some stranger.
If you have a home, I would like you to answer, “how fortunate sis it to have a home?”