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What Does “Home” Mean

Home means happiness to me because we can become closer with family and we have somewhere to eat and sleep.
Home means a lot to my family and I. We’re very grateful that we have food to eat in the morning before we go to school. We’re also lucky to be able to come home to a delicious smelling meal. Words can’t describe how grateful my family and I are.
Home doesn’t just mean living, sleeping, and eating. It also means staying safe from strangers and other things. We’re lucky to have doors to protect us and windows to open or close if we get cold or hot.
There’s lots of other things that home means to me, for instance, it gives me joy and happiness. We’re lucky that we have internet so we can contact family or friends, especially over a holiday if family and friends aren’t able to make it.
Home means a lot to my family and I. There’s lots of memories that we all share that we can never forget. Some examples are, taking pictures, making videos, and baking together. There’s tons of memories that we shall and will hold onto forever. That’s what home means to me!