Grade 6


what does home mean??

When I think of home, I think of a place where you belong. A place where there is love, fun, and peace. I think of food, water, sanitation, entertainment, sleep… but others aren’t so lucky. None of the stuff that my family has is ours, we are just lucky to have it and carry it. But we don’t realise that it’s important and safe. When I get hungry, I eat, thirsty, I drink, bored I play. For others, hungry, they deal with it, thirsty, they deal with it, bored they deal with it. But I think I can’t just spend all my time reading, playing video games, solving rubik’s cubes, eating, and sleeping. I am even lucky to even have a rubik’s cube that’s not as good a one of those fancy gans-X’s, or whatever they are called. Some people have homes they don’t want, while others want a home. That’s the same with schools, healthy foods, and wifi. So I have to feel lucky for being on the right side of dollar street. I also don’t spend all my time at home, I enjoy traveling and use my house less than others, but I suppose I am lucky to be able to go anywhere I go. So in conclusion, Home means a LOT to everyone, but I think people with really good homes shouldn’t be envious for those who have big houses, and they should put themselves in the shoes of the homeless.