Grade 5


What Does Home Mean

Home can mean things that are bad.
Home can mean things that are good.
Home is a basic need to live, but there is a difference between, “my house” and, “my home.” The one crucial difference is home is always changing. One moment it is your safest place with your pet’s and family guarding you. When an intruder or danger comes your home is full of discomfort or fearful. When you build up your strength to call it a home it can be broken in a day, week, month, or year, you will never know,Home is always yours.House is theirs.House is your frenemy it can be your friends, or someone you don’t know.You might be comfortable at your friends house, but not a strangers.The number one feeling you might fell at their house is blindness of your surroundings. Now, what does home mean to me.Home is love, driven by your pets and family, you do have fights and disagreements.Home will bring you closer and closer.I thank my home for everything from love to space for myself.