Grade 5


What Does Home Mean

When I come home, I feel safe to say that my home is the best place to stay.
My mommy and daddy are so kind, they take care of everything and anything.
We can feel safe and happy.
I always play games happily with my family, and being together is what we need.
Laughing and talking in a warm home with family is the best.
Everyone needs a home where they can have their own place.
My home is the most important place to me, I hope everyone can have a home where they feel safe.
Home is somewhere to stay, a place where you can eat yummy food your family makes everyday.
You can learn important lessons when I have done something wrong, and I have toys and dolls that I can play with, but maybe some kids do not.
My home is warm and beautiful, I have a warm bed, I am happy that I have a home.
I am the luckiest kid in the world that I have a home, I have had good memory in my home.
My home is a place where my family loves me in every way, my home is a place where I can have my own space.