Grade 6

Fall River
Nova Scotia

What does Home Mean?

What is home to me, home can be different from everyone some people may feel sad when they are at home but some people may feel happy but some people may just feel both.To me home is fun,I feel love and happiness.

Home is where I have fun with my family. Home is where i have fun because i can go home and go dirt biking on my track in the summer. Home is also fun because i can make a hockey rink in the winter, Thats why home is where i have fun with my family.

Home is where love sits all around. My home is full of love,love is everywhere in my house.Love is when me and my family cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie.Home is where my family’s love lives.

Happiness is in everyone’s home. I am always happy when i am home with my family. I feel happy when i play board games with my family and friends. That’s why when I’m at home i’m happy.

At my home there is alway something fun to do. My home is full of love! And happiness is always floating around.

What does home mean to you?