Grade 5


What does home feel like to me?

What does home feel like to me?

Home is a place you don’t have to worry
A place you’re protected, eat with your family
Sleep when it’s night, a comfortable place.
Home is a warming box where people care.

Somewhere you give hugs and
Apologize after a fight ,a place where you’re with
your family and seeing your mom after
School and before school.
And seeing your dad after school every day

And for dinner, lunch or breakfast a nice
Healthy meal and a table to sit at with
Water and plates. You have a room that when
You lay down on you feel happy inside a comfy

Waking up in the morning feeling that today
Will be an awesome day a home and feeling
Worried a bout fight yesterday making up
From your mistakes feeling happy inside

But without a home you have no family
Your out on the streets hungry begging
For food and money wondering if
You’d ever find a home or your family.

Sleeping on the ground with bugs and worrying
Tomorrow won’t be a good day. Eating from
Garbage cans and searching for a desiccant meal
To eat to survive wearing clothes that could
Be really old and ripped.

And I’m glad that the first one is my home.