Grade 6


What does a home mean to me?

A home means to me that I get to see my family and I have a nice home.

I’m so grateful that I have parents that work really hard I am so happy I have a good family.

I feel safe happy cozy comfortable and I have a gaming setup which I love and there is a roof over my head.

I can sleep at night also I love my family so much.

I don’t take stuff for granted because it can be gone in a snap of a finger.

I am so grateful I have the best family and the things I have I’m grateful for like food and everything.

I’m grateful for my clothes I’m grateful .

Everyone deserves a home

Some families don’t have what I have which really sucks because they would love the things I have.

I would see such a great big smile on their face and that would make my day and it also sucks that they don’t have beds good education by teachers good food clean water or clothes.

It’s just really sad to see that they don’t have good stuff like us in Canada and it’s really sad.

I would love for a home for kids and parents that would warm my heart and see those people so happy that they are not on the streets anymore and have a roof over their head and make their dream come true of having a home.

In my opinion I think everyone deserves a home.