Grade 6

British Columbia

What Do You Think of Home?

What do I think of home you ask?

Well it’s a place I can go when I’m sad or
Scared,Frightened and mad.

Home is a place you go when you’re happy
It’s a place where you grow old with friends and family.

Home can be anywhere with anyone and it’s a place where you’ll know you’ll have fun.

Home is a home with people you care about and you’ll be so happy you could fly in the air.

Home is the place where you make your first mistake or
Where you’ll get your first tummy ache

It’s a place where you’ll know you will do your best and so cozy it’s like your very own nest.

EVERYONE deserves a home like mine.
It doesn’t matter how big or how small .Or
Tall or how long.

Home isn’t a home unless you have someone you care for

And if you want to make a difference. Then try entering in the
Competition and you can make a difference

Thank you for reading my poem to make a difference
To help someone