Grade 4


What Can Home Mean to Me?

When people say home, they think of a place that has four walls. But it isn’t just a place, it’s called home. It’s filled with love, family, happiness, laughter, trust and pets that you adore.

A very trustworthy, happy family is what every child should ever wish for. Kids should have freedom, pets, love and a home. Parents should take great care of their children and they should have love.

Home is made from one thing and that thing is a word and that word is family. Kids, parents and pets need a home.

Our home is what my dad, mom and sister and I have ever imagined. Finally we have it. The best home ever. It’s unfair that homeless people don’t own a home.

When people ask me to describe what home is for me, I say, a mom and dad are watching a movie with their kids. The dog and cat are wrestling and playing together.

I always feel lonely, in a house. But in a home there’s always my sister mom and dad to make me feel better. If a house is a home everything is better and there’s love.

Homeless people had a home, and food. But now they do not have great food and a home. Now homeless are begging for food and they’re cold. I always wonder should people help homeless people and I already found out. YES!!!! I think homeless people should always have home. It’s just homeless people and people should help.

You see on the weekends me, dad, mom and sister movies and we spend time together. My dad and I also play puzzles. Home is what makes love and trust and love. I adore my parents and my awesome, modern HOME.