Grade 6


What Can A Home Be?

Home can be many things. Home can be a place you make the best memories or it can be a place that gives you freedom and happiness.
What is home to me and what is home to the rest of the world?
To me, home can be a place where people can relax and be free to be themselves, home can be a place to reflect and collect yourself, home can be a feeling, home can be somebody that embraces me and welcomes me everyday.
To others home can be more a feeling then a place.
The feeling of joy, excitement, warmth, serenity and love.
Home can be something others aspire to have or something others are in need of.
Home can be an apartment, a house, someone’s country, someone’s city or even the streets.
Home can be many things and have many perspectives but to me and many others, home is not just a place, home is where the heart is.