Grade 4


What a Wonderful Home

Home, is not what you call a house there is a big difference. A house is a building that is made for you but a home is a place that was with you ever since you were born. Houses are expensive but a home is for free. Look at all the differences between a house and a home. Without a doubt a home is extraordinary.

Home is a valuable place to live because it fun,where no one judges me, and there is freedom. The one place I have never felt judged before is home. The place where I can dance around, sing and nobody will care. Because nobody criticizes me, I enjoy my life so much. A house is a shelter that that keeps you safe like a turtle in its shell from bad people and animals but a home is something different it protects you from everything. From big to small things you will be safe in a home. Freedom is something you might not get all the time in a house but a home gives you all the freedom. Dont you see the difference between a house and a home now.

Guess what stays with me, welcomes me and where I belong? A home! My home welcomes me with lots of happiness and joy. That makes me want to stay in my home and I never leave it. The way a home stays with you and welcomes you is magical. A outstanding part about a home is that you belong there and you will never feel left out and it is yours. What a great place a home is!
The best part of a home is that a home is what represents you it is what makes you, YOU!