Grade 6


What a safe home feels like..

Home is where I can feel safe and accepted, when I’m not at home I feel affected. This is a place that belongs to me, it’s a place where I may feel free.
My home is welcoming and filled with laughter it’s a place where all my family can gather. In this space I feel warm and loved, when it comes to my home nothing else is above.
Your home doesn’t have to be full regardless it should never feel dull. I’m lucky to have family in just one space, nothing in my home should be replaced. Unlike a house, my home has a heart, nothing in the world could take that apart. A place where I can stay to play, a space where I can have a say. I enjoy being in my home, day or night something about it just feels so right! Nobody’s home is always positive, sometimes it may be negative.
No matter where I go home will always be home.