Grade 5

Porters Lake
Nova Scotia

What a meaning of a home

What a meaning of a home
By jaxson

it means to me cuz it is somewhere where i can eat, drink sleep it somewhere where i can live . where i can play where i can have friend come over it where i have a family it where i have pets it where i can keep safe and warm and it where i from it where we can have patry it where i can watch tv and it where i can play with my ipad it where i have my own room and toy and it where i have a bed it where when i play game i can chat with other and it where i have a great life it where i wake up and it where i get to do something before school it where you can do like anything a home can mean a lot of great thing for you and it somewhere nowhere else will feel the same cuz a home is a cool place to live the end .