Grade 5


What a house means to me!

A home is everything to me but for some people they just don’t have a home.When i think about some people who don’t have a home it just crushes my heart and well i am pretty lucky to have a roof over my head warmth food water and well some people they don’t have alot.So what a home means to me is that when I come home from school and jump into my warm clean bed i feel at home and some people aren’t as lucky as me in some ways. Like i have a bed and the kids or adults might just have to lay or sleep on the ground.I am going on a trip to florida in march and i am so excited and grateful to go but some kids or adults will not be able to afford it or they just can’t go.When i come home from school and i see the warm delicious food sitting on my plate and it’s just for me i think sometimes how lucky i am to evan have food siting on my plate when sometimes kids like me don,t evan have food or evan a plate so that is what a homr means to me i hope every one you now that can not afford a house gets one!