Grade 6

maidstone ,ON

what a house means to me

What Home Means To Me
Everybody’s home has a meaning.My home is a place that I want to go every day after school and after all my sports or anything I do after school. My home isn’t that big. A home could be a big place or small place still want to go to it every day. Your home can be made out of wood grasslands or can be made out of bricks and really big. I like to go to my house every night because it has everything I like to do like mini sticks Xbox and most important my house has my family that lives there with me also my dog. Find houses in place for my family penguin plays and does stuff that’s fun to do some examples of what we do at my house we can play board games we have conversation. We also go swimming in my pool and down the slip and slide down the hill on my backyard these things are important to my home. My house has a lot of room so me and my sister and my mom and my dad I’ll get her own room with a nice comfy bed don’t forget my dog get a nice bed also. My home also has a place for all my sports League hockey soccer and basketball and soccer. This is what a home means to me.