Grade 6


What a Home Should Be Like

A home is a place,
That makes you feel safe,
Where your family respects
Your religion or race.

Your puppy’s tail wags
Over 30 kilometres an hour,
Showing that love is
The ultimate power.

You could have a mom, a dad
And some siblings too,
Helping you learn
And taking care of you.

Having an amazing time
During the holidays,
While making memories that
Last for the rest of your days.

We all eat a fresh meal
Every day together,
We all have tough times
But family is there forever.

You have your own room,
With a carpet and a bed,
With a super nice pillow,
Where you love to rest your head.

A home is a place to bond,
And to have a blast,
To look forward to the future,
And remember times in the past.