Grade 5


What a Home Really Means to Me

A home is a place special to me,
it is so beautiful for anyone to see,
You can put a bed in there,
you can even make your own pillow lair!
There are washrooms where you can pee and poo,
There are also some places where you can play hide and seek, and peek a boo!
You can socialize with a friend,
you can keep talking in that house and it doesn’t need to end!
Our house is a loving treasure,
and when you’re inside you’re protected from the weather.
In the house you can have some fun,
you can look out the window and look at the breathtaking sun.
You can cook your food and it looks yummy,
you can gobble it down and it digests in your tummy.
This house is more than a gift,
it also makes everyone’s heart lift.