Grade 6

St. John’s
Newfoundland and Labrador

What a home really is

A home is not just a house made up of wood and furniture where you live. A home is so much more than that.

A home is a place you can feel safe. Where you can relax. A place that is warm and cozy on a cold night. A home is where you share and store memories. A place where you can live, love and laugh.

A home is where you have family feasts, share and express yourself. Where your childhood is stored. Where you play games with family and friends. A place with a nice warm bed to come home to after a long day.

The front door: What you walk through after everyday and look through your whole house and be happy to be home. The place you say goodbye to people when they leaving.

The kitchen table: Where you gather together as a family. For every meal. To try and eat new foods.

The living room: Where you sit down to do your own thing; read a book, watch television, talk about your day. To sit on the carpet and play a classical game of cards.

The bedroom: Your personal decorated room based on you. Your bed to let all your troubles drift away as you slowly drift to sleep after a long hard day.

A house is all of this to me. And I’m so grateful for my house. I’m happy to share memories and family meals. A house means so much to me.