Grade 4


What a Home Means to You

I think having a home is really important because I would be heartbroken if I didn’t have one. Home is where I get lots of hugs and kisses from my younger sisters and my mom and dad. My house is just a structure on a street with a number on it, but what makes it a home is all the memories I have made in the past 8 years with my friends and family. My mom and dad always say, “Our doors are always open.” We always have friends and family visiting us, eating with us, playing games, watching movies, and many other activities. I cannot imagine not having a home. It would mean I don’t belong to a community or a neighborhood. Which means I cannot go to school, or sit at a dinner table to eat a meal, or just go to my room and relax after a rough day. I wish everybody had a home. My home is where my heart belongs.