Grade 4


what a home “means to means” to me

What a “Home” MeansTo Me
To me a home is a place you can enjoy with family and friends,
To think you can go home again.

To me it’s love like a dove flying in the air.
To get away from all that despair.

To me a home means sleeping in a cozy bed ,
Rather than sleeping on the ground instead.

To me it’s a place where you care,
A place where you love and share.

It’s more than just the structure or the building,
It’s spending time and chilling.

It’s all about helping family,
A place to retreat from actual humanity.

A home means hugging so tight,
It feels like such a delight.

It’s to know that everything’s alright,
A place where I enjoy playing fortnite.

To me it’s the rug that says welcome home,
It’s not about the cell phones.

It’s about the people who have no home, That’s why this is a very important poem.

Building homes for people who don’t have anything,
Changing the world like Martin Luther King.

To me a home means you can get together,
With any skin tone it really doesn’t matter.

A home means to be happy,
Even if your hair is nappy.

To me a home is a place that’s safe,
Even if your skin is chafe.

To me a home is so great,
To know you can get away from all that hate.

This is what a home means to me
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