Grade 5


What A Home Means To Me

Hi I’m Peyton and I want to tell you what a home means to me.

A house and a home are to very different things for example when you go to your friends house on the outside it just looks like a building but when you go inside it transforms to a home because its welcoming, colorful and you remember every little memories in that home. Sometimes when your at someones home or at you own home you get a smell like candles or flowers. A home makes you feel safe, secure and relaxed, even if it is someone else’s home it can still feel homey. Houses just looks like a building to me but sometimes I look closely at random houses there could be decorations, flowers and a beautiful butterfly on a flower and I can tell this is a home. Everything in a home matters the smell, the looks and what if makes you feel inside.

My home smells like candles and it has warm and cool colors, fascinating plants and a comfy couch. I feel safe, cozy and calm. At night when I’m laying in my bed I realize how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, clean clothes and food because over 35,000 people are homeless in Canada and 1.6 billion people are homeless in the whole world. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to not have a comfy bed to sleep in and sleeping outside in the middle of the winter.

On January 11 2021 I heard about Habitat for Humanity and I was relived because people are in great need of a home. So I went on their website and I found out that you can help build a home for people who need it, so when I’m older I will definitely going to help people.

So a home is welcome to friends, family, neighbors and more. You feel calm and secure and people have to remember to not take things for granted because some people don’t have that stuff. Habitat for Humanity is helping people who are really in need. I fully support what they are doing. I am happy I am donating. Hope you like my writing!