Grade 6


What a home means to me A-Z

To me….

A small home is as equally important as any other home

A home is normally a Beautiful place that someone can spend time in

A home is Commonly caring and welcoming to others

A home is Decent and delightful for the most part of things

A home is a place where Everyone can find shelter

A home is Frequently useful for some people

A home is Greeting towards many but can be the opposite for some people

To me my home is Heartwarming when you go in it

A home is Intriguing when you decorate it

A home is a non Judgemental place for the most part

A home should contain Kind people

A home is a place where you can Lounge around

My home is Medium in size

Not everybody has a good home that they want to go to

A home can be Ordinary or like a castle but they both serve the same purpose

My home is a Personal place that I can use

A home can be Quite choking when you first see it

some homes contain more Residents (ex: a nursing home)

Having a home can be a Sufficient way to live for many

Throughout the years many people move homes

Some people Use their home for the bare minimal

A home is Valuable not in money but in family

A home should be safe Whenever you may need it

Many homes are eXtravagant

My house is Yellow and brick

My home is amaZing and yours is too