Grade 6


What a Home Means to Me

Gabriel B
What a Home Means to Me

My meaning of home means a safe place to be in, a place to be cared for, a place for family gatherings and a place to express your emotions and a place to be happy. Everyone deserves a home no matter who they are. No one deserves to be left outside just to be forgotten and to be tortured.

A home is shelter to keep us safe from storms and other disasters. A home is where memories get kept and always reminded of. A home is a holder for unforgettable tragedies good or bad. A home is where everyone is happy and calm with their family. A home is where people settle and rest.

A home is where everyone wants to be and have but some people don’t know it. Without a home I couldn’t imagine living without a home. Not much food or water, not much money, not much medicine, not much of anything.

Living without a home could be dangerous. Homes give people hope, joy faith, love and happiness. Homes help people connect to the real world and who they are truly. A home is where people are reunited.

A home is what everyone is looking towards. Homes are very important for everything, if you ever wanted to play video games, watch tv, sleep, rest, lay down, study, read or anything it all takes place in your home.

If you went to the library to read, it wouldn’t feel like home or if you went to a hotel it wouldn’t feel like home. You use your home in many different ways but no one notices how great a home is for everyone in every way. Everyone should have a home.

A home is a place where you can be fed when you are hungry, healed when you are sick and treated when you are supposed to be treated, people all around the world deserve a home no matter where you are or who you are. When you have a home you are available to multiple things, food, water, shelter, a place to rest, and a place for entertainment. A house is a basic need for humanity to live their life.

Without a home you have a higher chance of dying faster or starvation or many diseases. I hope this helps a family get a home and may God bless the people who are homeless waiting for homes.