Grade 5

St. Albert

What a Home Means To Me

A home is a place for me to stay with my family everyday.

We cook some food then play games.
I love my home in every way.

My home is welcoming, My home is nice, My home is sweet, My home is kind.

A home is a place where everyone should be. That’s why I feel bad for people on the street.

Everyone should have a home including you and me! So by writing a poem you will donate $10 to this charity!

This charity helps get people a home so they can also be safe and warm.

A home is where you can feel love from family members and all the above.

My home is lovely, My home has a heart, My home is where I have grown and made memories so far.

My home has a kitchen, My home has a chair but what my home really has is Respect, Joy and Care!