Grade 6


What A Home Means to Me

What a Home Means to Me

A home is not just a place with walls, floors, and a roof.
It’s way more than that to me and to other people too.
A home is where you make memories, laugh and smile.

When I go back to my warm and special home,
I remember and I think of all of my memories
and how I am never on my own.

Everyone deserves a decent and safe place to live.
Your home may not be perfect, but nothing truly is.
Everyone’s home is loving and unique.
Your home knows this too, and it can’t even speak!

Everyone has the right to a home,
no matter what race, or skin tone.

So we should make an effort to make a change,
just by writing what home means to you on a page.

You can also feel safe and happy all the time.