Grade 6


What a home means to me

My home means the world to me. The question ask’s what home means to you, and the question they should be asking me at least is what home doesn’t mean to me, that would be a hard one. But I guess I should answer the question given so here we go. To start off safety, and not just in a physical form. I mean safety by a safe place to be yourself, and to express yourself in your own way without being judged it’s a judgment free zone. When I think of home, I know it’s a safe place for maybe too loud of a laugh of or too much of a mental breakdown. But I know however I am feeling home is a safe place to feel that way. And it is also a safe place to talk about how I am feeling or to not talk about how I’m feeling, no pressure. Secondly, unity. I know after maybe a long day at school if my friends didn’t have my back that when I go home, we always have each other’s back we are joined together no matter what. My family always have my back matter what. We are almost kind of like a pack of wolves, we sometimes fight amongst ourselves, but I know if someone else poses a threat to me that they will always be there. Thirdly routine. I know this may seem very weird to some, but I like routine. And my home is somewhere that is part of my routine. I wake up in the morning and leave for school at 8:00 am but I always return at 3:07 pm and that’s something I love about my day I like to leave in the morning but love even more to come home. Fourth of all a place to build memories I feel like all your entries are going to say that all memories are fun and happy but sometimes the saddest memories are the ones you remember. Don’t get me wrong my home is filled with good memories I’m just saying my home is equipped with any type of memories you could think of the good and the bad witch is in my opinion should how a home should be. Lastly home is a place for laughs, cries, and Is filled with family, pets and friends that I love. It’s a place filled with pictures that me and my siblings have drawn, it’s filled with board games that we have played so many times and almost peed laughing while playing. In conclusion home is a place I would never change and why would you want to its little quirks is what makes it perfect.