Grade 6


What a Home Means to Me

What a Home Means to me

What a home means to me, is a happy and peaceful place to stay.
From your mom’s smile to your sibling’s laugh.
Little gestures like those will make you feel loved and out of harm’s way.

No one should be left behind.
Without any home at night and below the bright light that comes from the hot sun.
As days come and go, all they wish is for food and a coat to remain warm and stuffed with delicious food.

I like to think home is a place where you can be yourself.
With endless support given to you by your family and friends.

The feeling of the warm fire coming from the fireplace as my family and I watch a movie.
Where we all can laugh and smile without having to worry each second.

A home is not a home without making memories with family.
The type of memories that can make you laugh just when you think about it.

A home can teach you valuable and important lessons.
A home is what makes you the person you are today.
A home will guide you to your best accomplishments.
The feeling of home truly warms my heart.