Grade 4

Nova Scotia

What a Home Means to Me

A home is a shelter it protects me from danger.
It keeps our stuff from not getting destroyed and keeps me safe from dangerous animals.
It lets me relax in a cozy couch. It keeps me away from enormous storms. It lets me play in a relaxing place. My home keeps me warm and cozy. It helps me keep my family together, so I can not be alone .

My house sounds like peace, happiness, cheerful grateful people talking. That’s what makes my home a sweet home.

My house feels happy when we are planting or working in the garden together.

My house is a protector that keeps us safe at night so you can’t be cold or at day time so you can’t be too hot .

My house looks like a beach and yellow from the bright sunshine. The sunlight goes through my
window and it keeps my house happy.

My house keeps big memories from the inside to the outside. My house will always be in my heart.