Grade 4


What a Home Means to Me

A home to me is a place where people come to feel like they are safe and with people who love and care about each other. You always have a warm place to lay your head down and rest your body when it is time to sleep. Being in a home, no matter how big or small, keeps you out of the cold and dry from the rain. A home is where we eat our meals as a family together and with our friends. I have my own space in my room to store and play with my toys, hang up my clothes and make my bed. We have a pet in our family and her home is our home as well. We have a big yard for her to play in. The biggest part of our home is my family. I have two sisters and one brother and they are my siblings. We watch movies and play games and sometimes we fight, but that’s okay because it is home. The best part of having a home is have a place that you always feel safe and can always be yourself. I am very lucky to have a place to rest at night that includes a family that loves me and takes care of me.