Grade 6

St. Albert AB

What A Home Means To Me

What home means to me

So to me what home is is a place where you have a roof over your head and a shelter to keep you warm during the winter, rainy days and cold days. It is a place where you grow up. Where you make lots of good and joyful memories as you grow up. A place of love and joy, and yes there are sometimes where you’re mad and angry, but a home is a place of love even the people that built your home built it with love so a family can have a place to stay and live. A home doesn’t matter what’s inside like a famous painting or a basketball court or something like that. What really matters is that love and joy that is in a home I may not actually be able to touch it but when I walk in a home I can feel the love and joy surrounding me, it feels warm, soft and it makes me feel happy. A home is a place where you belong and where people can help you with problems and issues that you are having in your life because a home is a place of care as well as all the other things I said like joy happiness love comfort and a whole bunch of other things. A home isn’t about the structure and the things you put in it, it is about the things in your home that you can’t touch like love, joy, comfort, care.
When I think about what a home means to me it means joy, comfort, care, love, safety.