Grade 5

Lark Harbour
Newfoundland and Labrador

What a Home Means to Me

In this essay I will write about the four most important things that make a home to me these are furniture, shelter, family and hang out and games these are super important now I’m going to tell you why.
I think shelter is very important because it provides warmth and shelter so you are safe and warm. Shelter makes the home because it’s a place where you are safe. Shelter provides a lot of things such as food furniture and a lot more things such as a place to rest. Shelter can also keep you safe from a bunch of things such as animals, storms. This also makes a shelter very important it also can provide electricity and working water. One thing a shelter has is a family. This is what makes a shelter a home. These are my reasons why a shelter can make a home.
One thing that I think makes most of a home is a family. Family makes the home because someone got to live in the home or it won’t be a home, it will just me a house. The family uses stuff in the home and then family calls it their home. The family keeps the house warm and the house keeps the family warm. Because there is no one living in it and there is a big difference between houses and a home. These are most of the reasons why a family makes a home.
A home also needs hang out and games for the family they need to be entertained. Games can get the family together that lives in together in the home and play something like a board game for an example the game monopoly. The other one is play or hang out it is also very important because it can make some people socialize. Hang out and games make the home fun and everyone will be happy. The games can also make you learn because it can teach you strategies so you can get better at it. Also it can make you think a lot about what you are about to do. Hanging out is important because you can’t play games without someone and not hang out with them.
Furniture is also really important because you can’t have a home without some furniture because there is a lot of furniture that you do need. One of the things that you really need is a place to rest, such as a bed. This gets you more sleep and doesn’t hurt your neck. You also need a stove so you can eat food that you have to cook like chicken Also a couch for a place to sit down and rest and not stand up all the time. Something else you need is a shower to keep clean and not be dirty. One thing I think I need is a table so my dog will not eat all of my food and won’t annoy me and bark for my food
These are four most important things that I think mostly make up a home. I thought furniture, family, shelter, hang out and games were the most important things and I know you think different but these were the things I find that makes a home a home.