Grade 5


What a home means to me

A home to me isn’t necessarily in a house, it can be someone you really care about. You’ll know if someone is your home, you will feel happy and you can trust them. They make you feel safe near them and you will have many good and bad memories, but even if your mad or upset at them you still know you will always love them and cherish them. You can be yourself around them and they won’t judge you know matter how different you are. A home doesn’t need to be much and it doesn’t need to be alot.
My home is my family, they mean alot to me. I love them and they mean alot to me. I don’t know what I would be without them. I love my home and I wouldn’t be who I am to this day. My home means everything to me. I will always love my family no matter what. That’s why I love my home no matter what happens. You know your home will always be there for you and you will always be there for it. Even if you hurt them or they hurt you, you love them and thats what matters.