Grade 5


What a Home Means to Me

A home is a place you can look forward to going to, it’s a place that is supposed to be comfortable, it’s supposed to be warm, with running water.
And electricity. Electricity so you can have the warmth you need to survive, without catching hypothermia, so you can make warm food on a hot stove.
A home is a place with family and friends, a place you wouldn’t be alone or feel left out. Family and friends to be their and support you in everything you do, even if you don’t get along all the time. Family and friends to love each other no matter what happens. Their there t0 protect you to make you feel loved and supported, their there to comfort you.
A home is a place where you have enough food to eat, just enough where if you open your fridge their would be something. A home is a place where you could eat a nice warm meal.
A home is a place you feel safe, a place you feel loved, a place you can go to if you need help, a place you can be alone if wanted, where you can look forward to be at, a place with a warm comfy bed, a nice clean house.
Where you can wake up, with a smile. A place that is sanitary, and tidy. A place you feel safe and secure.