Grade 6

Cote St. Luc

What a Home Means to Me

Home sweet home! I’m sure you heard this expression but what does it mean? How could a home be sweet? I think a home can be sweet because you have sweet times at home. For example, having movie nights and spending time with your family, etc. A home is also sweet because there are sweet people inside. I also think that sweet memories are what make a home sweet.

My home is nice, big and renovated but, if you think that’s what makes a home nice, you’re wrong! What makes a home nice are the people inside. The people inside can help make nice memories and help take care of the home. On the other hand, if you have bad people inside, a they will not be the ones that help make nice memories inside that same house.

I think this competition is for a good cause because it is helping homeless people. I think that this is à good learning experience because it helps people just like me learn that there is a difference between what a house and a home are. People on the inside are the ones who make à house à home.

I would like to win this competition because I want to help homeless people have a life like me. I want them to be able to wake up and not worry about what they will eat or where they will sleep. In conclusion, I want them to have a home sweet home!