Grade 5


What A Home Means To Me…

It’s a place where I can rest my soul .It’s a place where I can build memorable memories with my family and friends. It’s a place where I laugh and relax and share my joy with one another. It’s a place where we come together as a family and build dreams and goals to achieve. It’s a place where love is found by having a great bond with one another. It’s a place where I can show my true emotions and there are people that will understand and guide me through it all. It’s a place that keeps me warm while there’s a storm or when it is raining. Thinking about all of this makes every child proud that they have a roof over their heads. Having to think that there are people who don’t have all of this is very unfortunate.l love my home and if I never had one I honestly wouldn’t know what to do. I realize that a house is made out of cement and bricks and a home is made out of dreams and happiness.”somewhere to go is HOME,Having someone to love is FAMILY but having both is a BLESSING.”