Grade 5


What a Home Means to Me

Home is where you can stay and can be free. It also means to me the words warmth, love, cozy and safe. A home is family. A home is where families can sleep, eat and do anything. A home is also were you can have fun. A home is where you can feel good. You also can do things you usually don’t get to do. You can do things together. A home is personal.
My home is loving, warm and safe. My home is where my family stays. My home is close to and open to extended family and friends. My home is also cozy and where the heart belongs. In my home we can make others feel happy. We care about others.
People can move in and out of a house. A house can be any ones. A house can stay in the same place or it can be moved.
A home is not fancy it is family. Be grateful for the home you have in your life.