Grade 6


What a home means to me

What a home means to me is that it’s not just somewhere I live, but I also believe that the house is some sort of a miracle. Also, I believe that a home isn’t a home without your family there with you always by your side. A home is like a meeting place that you get to hang out with your family and friends. Really anywhere is a home as long as you are with your family like the middle of the woods could be your home. A home not just a place that stores food and drinks and all your random stuff it’s a place that stores all your favorite or hard even sad memories. A home’s a place that you don’t have to be afraid to express your opinion or tell your family something that you are not that happy about. A home is somewhere that you can feel safe and comfortable around others.

Also a home means a place that you can feel like you can fall asleep almost anywhere. A place that you’re only afraid of what can come from outside not inside your home. Like a storm that comes from outside and all that your homes are doing is saving your life. A home is one of my favorite parts of the world my home and nature those are the top two that I like the best. A home means somewhere you live your family and eat and drink or go to the bathroom. I love living in my house.