Grade 4


What A Home Means To Me

What “Home” Means To Me

What a home means to me is that I have shelter and I feel safe. More than that, a home means to me is that I could spend time with my family and I can’t hear people yelling. Back to where I said I feel safe, I feel safe because I am not out there with the people who are killing other people who are innocent and do not deserve to die. A home also means that I don’t have to sleep on the ground
in the cold or hot weather. In my home people give me food and I have strong people in my family to protect me. I have my mom, dad and my other family members to put clothes on my back and food on the table. I have all that I need at my house and that’s my family, my wwe toys and my video games. More that a home means to me is that my friends and cousins could come so I could play with them. A home means to me is that it is a welcoming place for others that are visiting.