Grade 4


What A Home Means to Me

What A “Home”Means To Me
What a home means to me is that it’s a safe place far away from bullies. It’s also about getting protected without being outside in the cold and the disasters. Also a home means a relaxing place with peace and quiet. A home means a place with enjoyment and being together with your family. A home means love to me because my family cares about me and everyone cares about you in your family. A home means to me is it’s a cozy place because you could sleep on the bed without sleeping outside. A home means kindness because every family is kind and makes you safe from strangers. A home means a helpful place to me because it has all the stuff that I need to study. A home means respect to me because everyone in your family respects you. A home means a responsible place to me because you’re responsible for the things that you do. A home means to be truthful because everyone in my house could be trusted. A home means a place where you play with your family and have fun. These are the things that a home means to me.