Grade 5


What a Home Means

What a Home Means

What is a home? Does everyone have one? What does the word home mean to you? What does the word home mean to me? HOME. A refuge. A place where you can be yourself. A place where you are free. A place where you feel safe and loved by the people around you. Do you have a home?

Can you go somewhere that will keep you warm from the snow and rain? Do you have a place that you can call your own? Do you have a place where you can sleep in peace and be separated from dangers? A home is not just a place where you sleep and rest. A home is a place where your family grows. A place where secrets are spilled but are still safe deep inside. A place where the bad times pass and the good times are shared together. Where the memories are remembered and the funny times too, a place where you can live together until the end of the universe. A place where new memories are made and where the beautiful dreams come true. Home is a place where you can escape from the world and relax in your place. The place where you can call your own. It belongs to you.

When you fall asleep at night you dream of all the happy things and think how lucky you are to have one to yourself. No matter what people do or what they have done, everyone should have a home.
-Hayden Marsh