Grade 5

Lark Harbour
Newfoundland and Labrador

What a Home is to Me (Poem)

A mom
A dad
Two brothers, one big one small,
And me.
All in the house make a family.
A family makes a home.
A home is where love is.
A home is where love grows.
If we play I have a smile.
If we fight I have a frown.
But if one of us is down
We will help.
And it makes our whole family proud.
When something bad happens;
Maybe at school,
Maybe at a friends.
When I walk in the door
My frown is no more.
A house is not a home
Until your family is in it.
A family will make love.
A family teaches kindness.
To me family is this.
To you something different.
A home means love to me.
And a home means love to you.