Grade 4

New Brunswick

What a Home is to me

A home to me is a place where I can stay. A place where I have my family and my friends can come and visit and have fun; or even sleep-over.
Home is where your parents will keep you safe and your home is also in safe condition. Even when it is a little crazy, loud and noisy, it is still my home. A home is where you find love and kindness.
A home can come in many forms, but I prefer a house and think everyone should have one that they can call home. At home, when you don’t feel well, then you can be comfortable in your bed or on the sofa and stay comfy with a blanket and a pillow to cover up with and lay on the pillow. When you don’t have a home, you are not as comfortable and there is nobody to take care of you. I am glad to have a home.