Grade 6

New Brunswick

What a home is to me

What a home is to me …
A home is a place to share your feelings with the people you love. It’s not just a place where you can go home to when school is done. Home is a place to relax, enjoy your meals, have naps and maybe watch a movie on the couch curled up in the blankets while eating a bowl of popcorn.
Home is a safe, warm ,cozy and memorable place to be when you are not having a great day. It is a place to be when you can’t go anywhere else. You can express your feelings, sing when no one is watching , dance around when no one is home and play when no one is looking. When you are home, home makes all the bad feelings go away while the good feelings appear.
To me home is somewhere where you don’t have to rush through anything. Because home gives you the time to do the things you love such as, read a book, have a long nap in bed , watch a movie, have a snack or organize your house or bedroom. A home is somewhere you create memories and keep your secrets safe when you are afraid to tell people. It is somewhere where you have been through tough times and a home will always comfort you and never give up until it does. It’s a place where you have cried together ,smiled together, laughed together. A home is much more then fights, sadness and anger. Instead home is filled with happiness, laughter, love, comfort, peacefulness, independence, confidence and most importantly gratitude.
Finally, home is okay to some people. For others, it’s about being warm and safe. But to me, home is about being grateful, being happy and being kind to others!