Grade 5


What a home is

Home is safe from the outside
Home is where you are loved and cared for
Taking for granted, never to think
For those who are poor
With no things.

Not outside, but in a
place full of the memories that bring us together.
Home is never that fancy
But safe from those that are nasty

Give those in need a chance to flee from the cold and old
They don’t care if it is small,
Just a warm place, that is safe from all.
Where they will fall
On to a nice warm, warm, bed.
Sleeping in peace, brave, against the cold, dark, night,
As they sleep tight.

They are so very hungry waiting for food
We waste all we have
When others need all they can get.
I bet they dread not being fed

Each and every day I go and
Take away someone who was dreading
for a place to stay.
You can help us to by entering this contest
Because we need to take some action,
To fix this uneven fraction.