Grade 5


What a Home Is

Home is where we sleep at night,
Home is a place that’s safe and bright.
Home is where we hang our hats,
Where when we smile, people smile back.

With leak sinks that cry and day,
When winter comes it’s a warm place to stay.
And beds are as soft as fluffy white clouds,
Where people laugh louder than loud.

Homes have books with pages of wonder,
Homes have puzzles to play when there’s thunder.
Homes have warmth from hot crackling fires,
Homes have soft blankets to use when you’re tired.

Homes need fun to throw stress away,
Homes need love to lighten up it’s day.
Homes need comfort to give us peace and space,
Home needs a family that deserves the perfect place.

Those without a home are cold and poor,
Those without a home can’t open the front door.
Those without a home might live on the streets,
Those without a home need help and food to eat.

Having a home means there’s a roof over your head,
Having a home means we can sleep on soft beds.
Having a home means you should protect it like it’s the boss,
It means we should help those who are lost.