Grade 6


What A Home Is

This is about what the meaning of home is. I guess what a home is could be considered the same, or maybe not. Either why that’s what I’m writing about today, well tonight actually. Anyways enough of my rambling!

A home is something that most people will just call a house, But a home is so much more than that. A home can be a person, a place, or a thing. As long as that person, place or thing make’s you feel safe and happy and loved it can be a home.
Many people will look at their house and say “Wow, don’t we have such a nice home,” but what goes on inside their house is arguing, crying, fighting…and that’s not a home. That’s a house.
I, personally, have multiple homes. My family is by far my favourite home. My mom, my brother and my sister are the three people in the world who I can be myself around. Of course I also love my dad, but I don’t consider him a home.
Back to the purpose of this essay, a home and a house are two very different things. A house is cold, and lonely and full of fear while a home is warm, and happy and you can feel safe. Everyone deserves to know what a home feel’s like.. Not knowing that feeling would be dreadful.

A home is the best place to be.