Grade 4

Toronto, ON

What a home does for you

A home has many more ingredients to it then it just being a house. It’s filled with love, family, and safety. Home can be more than just one place, as long as you bring your family with you, then it doesn’t matter where you move, it’s still called home. It’s the place where you are safest, most comfortable, and can finally let all the stress out to chillax. You have a “privacy room” (aka a bedroom) where you can cuddle in lay down on your bed and maybe play on your ipad or read a book but all that matters is that you have a bed to comfortably sleep on without being stalked. If you live in a house, your backyard COULD be a part of your home because it’s still your property but it’s not necessarily a “home”, it’s just called “Property 2.0” because your home is “Property 1.0”. Your backyard is a place where you can put attractions to make your home more entertaining. When you are sick, you don’t have to go to school, you can stay at home and curl up in a fluffy blanket, watch TV, and enjoy the day off from school to rest and get better without getting even more sick and freezing without medicine. When there is a giant storm outside, the strong walls of your house protects you from the cold, freezing wind and possibly snow if it’s winter. The walls keep the cold outside and the warm heating inside.